titanium filter elements


TA2 material is an important raw material for making titanium mesh and titanium filter elements. What specific effects does oxygen content have on Ta2 material? 

The impurity elements and annealing treatment of titanium and titanium alloys play an important role in the production process. Among them, the impurity element can increase the strength of titanium and titanium alloy, and the plasticity decreases. In terms of degree of influence, nitrogen has the greatest influence, carbon has the least influence, and oxygen is in the middle.

The influence of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of titanium is mainly reflected in hydrogen embrittlement. With the development of industrial technology and the increasing demand for the performance of metal materials in industrial production, the composition design of metal materials is particularly important. Heat treatment is one of the most important physical metallurgical processes for metal materials, and an important means for industrial control and change of the organization, structure and properties of metal materials.

Researchers studied the effects of two different oxygen contents and different annealing regimes on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TA2 titanium materials rolled by a specific process.

The test results are as follows:

(1) When the oxygen content in the TA2 material is 0.06%-0.07%, the mechanical properties at room temperature at 500 °C meet the requirements of the aircraft engine, the intensity at 520 °C is slightly lower, and the qualified temperature range is narrower. It is not recommended.

(2) For the cold-worked TA2 material, when the oxygen content is 0.10%, recrystallization starts at 500 °C, and when the heat treatment is performed at 520 °C to 600 °C, the material structure is fine recrystallized structure, and the properties and texture tend to be stable.