Project Description

Titanium Perforated mesh

Titanium Perforated mesh made by titanium sheet. Main material is pure titanium materials: TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2 and other titanium alloy.

Titanium Perforated mesh

Round opening white Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated mesh

Round opening black Titanium Perforated Mesh

Titanium Perforated mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh making titanium filters

Titanium Perforated mesh specifications:

Types of Titanium Perforated mesh opening: round, square, plum, rectangle, diamond, etc.

Aperture: 0.5-50mm

Width: 10mm-2400mm

Length: 10mm – no limit

Packing: wooden box packaging and waterproof compartment

Our OEM service can make Titanium Perforated mesh according to customers requirement. In this case, drawing or specification details workable for us.

Titanium Perforated mesh application:

The main application of round hole titanium Perforated mesh manufacturing seawater filter titanium mesh filter, salt filter titanium mesh, and seawater desalination titanium mesh. So, the round hole Expanded mesh is mainly used as a filter fitting.

Meanwhile, Titanium filter and titanium barrel can be manufactured by rolling and welding according to different requirements.

Titanium Perforated mesh

Thick Round opening Titanium Perforated Mesh making tube

Titanium Perforated mesh

Round opening Titanium Perforated Mesh as the support mesh

Titanium Perforated mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh as the titanium basket

Titanium Perforated mesh is made of pure titanium plate through the mechanical punching of the round-hole titanium mesh plate. Compared with the titanium wire woven mesh, it has the advantages of high strength, good flatness, short production cycle, low price and high dimensional accuracy.

The round-hole titanium mesh has excellent corrosion resistance and is therefore used to manufacture seawater-filtered titanium mesh and chemical titanium filter plates. It has a longer service life than round-hole stainless steel mesh round-hole titanium mesh.

Although the initial purchase of round-hole titanium mesh cost is higher than the former. But the service life is much larger than the former. The use cost of a Titanium Perforated mesh in a highly corrosive, very high operating frequency environment is lower than Stainless Steel Perforated mesh.

Deze has extensive experience in the manufacture Titanium Perforated mesh. We have strict standards for the selection raw materials, testing molds, requirements for finished products. Finally, live your trust and strive to achieve your satisfaction is our highest goal.

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