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Titanium mesh is our sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant product. It is made from pure Titanium and Titanium alloy wires. Titanium wires are seamlessly welded together to form this functional product.

Titanium mesh is a versatile product and can produce an extensive range of Titanium products. The non-toxic nature and high quality of Titanium is the reason why Titanium mesh is widely serviceable.

You can employ Titanium mesh in numerous industries including, aerospace, marine, oil and gas industry, water treatment industry, and filtration industry.

At Deze, we have been manufacturing high-quality Titanium products for years. Titanium mesh is our specialty, and we offer premium Titanium mesh and Titanium mesh products to manufacturers worldwide.

Titanium mesh is available in several distinct types, such as Titanium expanded mesh, Titanium perforated mesh, Titanium woven wire mesh, and many other Titanium mesh products. Its versatility is a reason manufacturers employ it in diverse applications. 

Manufacturing Process of Titanium mesh

Titanium is a malleable metal, and you can mold it into several different forms. It is why we can obtain Titanium mesh in disparate configurations. Titanium wires made up of pure Titanium and Titanium alloys are molded into different shapes to fabricate Titanium mesh.

Each type of Titanium mesh has a different manufacturing process. Also, you can use every kind of Titanium mesh in disparate applications. Their durable construction makes them perfect for all industrial operations.

Types of Titanium mesh

There are many types of Titanium mesh. Some of the types available at Deze are as follows,

Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

Titanium woven wire mesh is made by welding and weaving Titanium wires. It requires high skill and intricacy. You can obtain Titanium women wire mesh in different patterns by changing the configuration of weaving. 

Titanium woven wire mesh can be black or white based on its surface color. Also, it can be Plain, Twilled, Plain Dutch, and twilled Dutch based on its weave type.

Titanium expanded mesh

Titanium expanded mesh is made from Titanium coils in sheets. You can carve these Titanium sheets and Titanium coils in different shapes. 

Each type of Titanium expanded mesh has a different configuration of holes. It can be square, diamond, or round-shaped. Based on the type of surface, Titanium expanded mesh can be flattened or raised.

Titanium perforated mesh

The punching of a Round-hole Titanium mesh plate results in the production of Titanium perforated mesh. There are several different types of Titanium perforated mesh based on the configuration of its holes. The shape of its holes can be a diamond, square, round, semi-circular, or triangular.

Titanium Expanded Mesh

Titanium Expanded Mesh

Titanium Perforated Mesh

 Titanium Perforated Mesh   

Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

What do we have to offer?

Deze has vast experience in manufacturing Titanium mesh and Titanium mesh products. Titanium mesh available at Deze has the following specifications.


You can avail of our OEM services. We can customize Titanium mesh in your desired configuration to suit the respective applications.

Deze is dedicated to providing its customers with what they are looking for. It is why we offer customization services. You can discuss your requirements with our experts or show us drawings for personalization.

Diverse Range of Products

Deze has a diverse range of products. All types of Titanium mesh are available in distinct lengths, sizes, diameters, and mesh-hole types.

We manufacture and deliver Titanium mesh in all types of industries. If you cannot find the specific product you are looking for, our OEM services are always there for you.

Exceptional Features

Deze promises the availability of premium quality Titanium mesh. Our Titanium mesh has the following features,

  • Titanium meshis corrosion-resistant. Whenever Titanium mesh exposes to damage-causing agents, it forms an inert protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion. It is why Titanium mesh is an ideal choice for industrial operations.
  • Titanium meshalso shows resistance to high temperature, acid and alkali environments, and seawater oxidation. It is why you can employ it in filtration industries.
  • Titanium is a malleable and flexible metal. You can obtain Titanium meshin different configurations, sizes, and types because of the flexibility of Titanium. 
  • Titanium meshis sturdy and durable. Its mechanical strength makes it an ideal choice for heavy industry operations. Besides, Titanium mesh has a long service life which further extends its replacement durations.

Applications of Titanium mesh

Titanium mesh is serviceable for,

  • Biomedical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Architectural industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Filtration industry
  • Food protection industry
  • Power generation industry
  • Security operations
  • Agricultural industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Titanium mesh?

Titanium mesh is a punched, carved, or weaved product made from Titanium wires, coils, or sheets. It is available in different types, such as Titanium woven wire mesh, Titanium expanded mesh, and Titanium perforated mesh.

What are the different types of Titanium mesh?

Based on the type of production process, there are three types of Titanium mesh. Titanium mesh fabricated by weaving is called Titanium woven wire mesh. Titanium mesh produced by carving is called Titanium expanded mesh, and Titanium mesh made by punching metal is called Titanium perforated mesh.

What are the advantages of Titanium mesh?

Titanium mesh is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, and sturdy. Besides, it is malleable and highly versatile. Also, it shows resistance to seawater oxidation and features high mechanical strength.

Is Titanium mesh customizable?

Yes, Titanium mesh is customizable. At Deze, we offer a plethora of options. However, if you can’t find your desired product, you can avail of our OEM services to get Titanium mesh customized in your desired configuration.

Is Titanium mesh durable?

Yes, Titanium mesh is durable. It is because of the high mechanical strength of Titanium metal. Titanium is robust than many other metals because of its sturdy inner bonding of molecules.

What is Titanium mesh made up of?

Titanium is made up of Titanium coils, wires, and sheets. They are processed from different procedures and techniques to obtain the desired product.

Which grades of Titanium are used for the production of Titanium mesh?

Pure Titanium and Titanium alloy are used for the production of Titanium mesh. At Deze, we ensure the use of high-quality raw materials, such as, for pure Titanium, we use TA1, TA2, GR1, and GR2 grades.

So the next time you are out looking for a quality Titanium mesh that gives you your money’s worth, contact Deze, your one-stop shop for all kinds of Titanium mesh Supply from China!

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