Project Description

Titanium mesh baskets

Titanium mesh baskets are made from titanium mesh + support mesh. This material mesh baskets are workable in both gas and liquid environment. Under the action of oxidation, protective film will form. Thus, with this protective film prevents titanium further oxidation, so titanium baskets with good corrosion resistance.

Titanium-based baskets are super material for sieving liquids, and powders, etc. In this case, it is widely using in petroleum, chemical, salt, marine, and seawater filtration.

Titanium mesh baskets

Two Black Titanium Baskets for corrosive liquid

Titanium mesh baskets

White Titanium basket made by perforated mesh with handle

Titanium mesh baskets

Small titanium basket as the filter

Titanium mesh baskets making according to different use requirements.

In general shape: cylindrical, square, and rectangular, etc.

Diameter: Φ100mm-3000mm

Material: pure titanium TA1, TA2, GR1, GR2, and others alloy titanium.

Accuracy: ≥0.2mm   

Especially in a high corrosion solution, Titanium mesh baskets is the most resistant material. In addition, titanium baskets light weight and high strength.

We can supply black and white titanium mesh baskets. Black titanium is usually using in the filtering environment that does not require high filtering environment. Generally speaking black titanium using for filtration purposes. In addition, white titanium except using for filtration purposes, it also can use as catalyst.

Titanium mesh baskets

Square Titanium basket with lid

Titanium mesh baskets

A trip of square Titanium baskets

Titanium mesh baskets

Small titanium basket made by expanded mesh

Titanium mesh baskets application:

Titanium is more resistant to corrosion. Especially under highly corrosive environments, Titanium mesh baskets form a passivated protective film on the surface. Whether in the air and liquids, Titanium mesh baskets exhibit superior corrosion resistance.

In seawater filtration applications, titanium in stationary or high-speed flowing seawater has exceptional stability. In another word Titanium mesh baskets are highly resistant to seawater and marine air, and are strong and lightweight. So that, Titanium is an ideal material for desalination plants. As a super material in the marine environment, Titanium has widely using in many parts of various ships and deep-water submarines.

Titanium mesh baskets one-time investment is higher stainless steel. But they have Long service life and long replacement times. In the long term, total cost is lower than stainless steel material.

We have wealth experience in production titanium mesh and make titanium baskets. Deze have OEM products service. Titanium mesh baskets can directly make into the size you asking for. Welcome come contact us now.

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