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Titanium Knitting Mesh

Titanium knitting mesh made from titanium wire through a special weaving process. And materials we are suppling: Pure titanium (grades TA1, TA2,) and other titanium alloy like: TA5, TA7, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4.

Knitting mesh have names like: gas-liquid mesh, broken foam mesh, and filter mesh. It is a traditional sweater needle knitting method which improve into the weaving of knitting mesh.

Generally speaking, the weaving yarn is generally round wire φ0.08~φ0.50mm. And the wire diameter ≤φ0.30mm can make multi-strand braided. In addition, form of multi-strand braiding can braid with wire and fiber.

Titanium knitting mesh

Single wire Titanium Knitting Mesh minutiae

Titanium knitting mesh

Multiple wire Titanium Knitting Mesh minutiae

Titanium knitting mesh

One roll Titanium Knitting Mesh

Titanium knitting mesh specification:

  1. Basically Wire passing range: 0.07mm-0.55mm (common thread is: 0.20mm-0.25mm). And more, many strands of yarn can weave together.
  2. Opening size usually: from (2 × 3mm) to (4 × 5mm) to (12 × 6mm). Other more, opening size can fine-tuned according to customer requirements. And the open hole form is a large hole and a small hole cross arrangement (the size of the hole in the length direction is uniform and the width is different)
  3. Surface condition of gas-liquid filter: flat mesh surface and corrugated mesh surface (corrugated width and depth have different specifications)
  4. The width range of the gas-liquid filter have: 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm, etc.

Titanium knitting mesh application:

  • Make a wire mesh demister filter mat.
  • The filter screen of gas-liquid separation, gas-water separation, oil-water separation and other devices.
  • Various filter elements on engines automobiles and tractors.
  • Sealing, shock absorption (shock absorber), noise reduction and exhaust gas purification components in automotive parts.
  • Shielding device for anti-electromagnetic interference of electronic and electrical products.
Titanium knitting mesh

A trip fine type Titanium Knitting Mesh rolls

Titanium knitting mesh rolls

Plastic packing Titanium Knitting Mesh rolls

Titanium knitting mesh

Titanium Demister make from Titanium Knitting Mesh

Detailed introduction: To sum up, Titanium foaming mesh is suitable for steam absorption, evaporation, and filtration. In addition, with other processes in petroleum, oil refining, chemical, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, and automobile tractors. Other industries, eliminating entrainment in steam or gas, drops and liquid droplets, and the air filters on car tractors.

The pure titanium wire knitted mesh block is combined to manufacture a titanium demister, which has good acid and alkali resistance and is used for manufacturing tower and cooling tower vapor-liquid separation equipment.

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