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Before you opt for Titanium expanded metal, go through this comprehensive guide. It will help you develop a better insight into our product.

What is Titanium expanded metal?

Titanium Expanded Mesh

Titanium Expanded Metal

Titanium expanded metal is a robust, long-lasting, and consistent open grid that allows the passage of light, fluids, and rays while prohibiting unwanted things or events. Titanium expanded mesh have strong structural integrity as well as durability. 

You can employ Titanium expanded metal in a variety of industrial uses as a building element. Titanium forms a protective oxide barrier that protects the base metal from corrosion in a variety of applications.

How is Titanium expanded metal manufactured?

Titanium sheets or coils are used to make Titanium expanded mesh. It’s carved and extended into a metal mesh with regular diamond-shaped holes using an industrial expansion tool.

A Deze, we fabricate it by a cold metal forming process. It creates apertures and uniform intervals of different sizes and shapes, allowing air, substances, and sunlight to pass through it. 

This material is frequently used during commercial purification and as an electrode for chlorine removal due to its good acidic and alkaline tolerance.

What are the specifications?

Titanium expanded metal is something we both make and sell. As a result of our expertise and experience, we can meet a wide range of industrial needs. When you buy our goods, you won’t have to hire anybody else to complete the task for you. It increases your efficiency and allows you to save both money and resources.

Deze offers Titanium expanded mesh in numerous grades, with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 2 mm and diamond opening dimensions ranging from 1x2mm to 60x100mm.

We collaborate with our customers closely to ensure optimal product design customization. This collaboration produces reliable solutions with exceptional results. Furthermore, we enhance the designs through manufacturing, engineering, and technical progress. 

What are the advantages of Titanium expanded metal?

The use of Titanium expanded metal has many advantages, but a few are listed below:

  • Cost-effective as they are useful in industrial and engineering operations. So the cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for use.
  • The strength of metal gives Titanium expanded metal the best advantage it has to offer. 
  • They are of the best and highest quality, which is why they are helpful for industrial and domestic projects.
  • Significant tensile and mechanical strength. Besides, its anti-corrosive nature makes it suitable for use in industries.
  • It has extreme versatility and durability in economic aspects.
  • Anti-skid qualities, which makes it an ideal choice for industrial use.
  • Because it is an open mesh, it allows the complete penetration of light, air, heat, and other things like this. It provides necessary open access.

What are the types of Titanium expanded mesh?

Titanium expanded mesh is of the following types,

· Micro Expanded metal  

It is a sort of expanded mesh that differs from other types due to the small mesh area. It is serviceable for filtration. When using multiple building resources, micromesh is a less costly alternative.

· Rhomboidal mesh

The most prevalent kind of expanded metal is rhomboidal. Its unique design allows for optimal air and light flow while also providing a pleasing visual look. 

· Round expanded metal 

Round expanded metal is made by cutting a perforated sheet of Titanium by a round-die cutter. Deze Products offers lightweight, adaptable, cost-effective, and personalized round metal. 

· Square mesh

Square Mesh is a versatile, premium, and excellently expanding metal mesh that comes with numerous applications. The lengthy diagonal of this mesh is nearly identical to the shorter diagonal.

It’s a cost-effective material for general construction because it is up to 60% lighter than ordinary expanded metal and may be used in numerous industries. 

· Hexagonal mesh

Hexagonal Metal mesh has a pleasing appearance and wide opening. It is available in a variety of diameters and opening sizes to meet the requirements of various projects. This sheet is an ideal choice when building indoor space separators or walls.

Where can you use Titanium expanded metal?

Titanium expanded metal has extensive uses in industries as well as other fields. They are beneficial in businesses like architectural, industrial, commercial and decoration, etc. 

Titanium expanded mesh is serviceable,

  • In architecture, for suspended ceilings, ventilation outlets, decoration stuff, screens, walkways, flooring, and bearing grating, etc
  • In the construction industry, to support the elements like stucco, plaster, and adobe in walls
  • For the manufacture of fuel cells 
  • In nuclear pod protectors
  • In the aerospace and automotive industry
  • In the bone augmentation for oral implants
  • In Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
  • For security purposes
  • In Chlor-alkali and other chemical industries
  • For laminating the surfaces that drain floors of the farm building
  • For electricity earthing
  • In making the walkways for the cranes

What sizes of Titanium expanded mesh are there?

The size of Titanium expanded metal varies. Deze tries its best to manufacture all the dimensions required by clients in its extensive range of products. However, if you cannot find your required size, you can customize it. 

You can personalize the size of Titanium expanded mesh based on their length and configuration. 

Is Titanium expanded mesh customizable? 

Yes, Titanium expanded mesh is customizable. Diverse customers and industries need Titanium expanded mesh, and the requirements of every client are different. To fulfill the requirements and preferences of numerous clients, Deze offers OEM services.

You can personalize numerous aspects of Titanium expanded metal. All you need to do is discuss your design with our experts or provide us with your product drawings. 

Bottom Line

Deze has been manufacturing industrial products for years, and the only thing we are concerned about is our customer satisfaction. And it is the sole purpose of this guide. This FAQ guide contains all the necessary information that you need to know about Titanium expanded metal.

So the next time you are out looking for quality Titanium expanded mesh that gives you your money’s worth, contact Deze, your one-stop shop for all kinds of Titanium expanded metal!