Project Description

Titanium demister

Titanium demister made from titanium and consists two parts: they are gas-liquid filter mesh and support bar. And mesh block composed layers of wrinkled gas-liquid filter mesh. Furthermore, support member composed grid and distance rod.

Black wire

Black wire for making Titanium mesh demister

White wire

White wire for making Titanium mesh demister

Titanium mesh demister

Finished Titanium mesh demister

Working principle:

Gas with mist rises through the demister at a certain speed. When the time inertia of the rising mist, mist collides with the filament of the screen and adheres to the surface of the filament.

After the gas passes through the titanium mesh demister, it is substantially free of mist. After that, mist in the gas is separated to improve operating conditions. With the characteristics that Optimize process specifications, reduce equipment corrosion, and extend equipment life. Furthermore, they can increase processing capacity and recover valuable materials. They also can protect the environment, and reduce air pollution.

It has a simple structure and a small defoaming efficiency. And with the advantages like: low resistance, light weight, easy to install, operate and maintain. The mesh demister has a capture efficiency of 98%-99.8% for the mist with particle size ≥3~5um. So, pressure drop of gas through it ,and very small which only 250-500Pa, so this can beneficial to improve the equipment production efficiency.

Titanium mesh demister

Mini Titanium mesh demister

Titanium mesh demister

Large assembled Titanium demister

Titanium mesh demister

mesh demister module

Titanium wire mesh demister use

Titanium mesh defoaming is a highly efficient gas-liquid separation device. They widely using in chemical, petroleum, sulfuric acid, pharmaceutical, light industry, Metallurgy, machinery, construction, aviation, marine, environmental protection and other industries.

Folding corrosion resistance:

Titanium is a very active metal. This material is very stable in many media. They resistant to corrosion in media oxidizing, neutral, and weakly reducing.
Titanium and oxygen have a great affinity. In the air or in an oxygen-containing medium. Titanium surface is formed on a dense, highly adherent and inert oxide film. This film protecting titanium substrate from corrosion. If the film worn, it will heal quickly or revive.
Titanium is a metal with a strong tendency to passivate. Titanium oxide film having a medium temperature below 315 ° C always maintains this property.

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