Project Description

Titanium BBQ mesh

Safe and light new BBQ mesh type — Titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium material is a metal widely using in aerospace. But in recent years, titanium material more and more applied to high-end kitchen.

Titanium raw materials can make BBQ tools– Titanium BBQ mesh, need after a series of processing like wire drawing, weaving, and welding. This kind BBQ mesh, with the characteristics like: light weight, strong corrosion resistance, safe and harmless to the human body. So, BBQ process will become more perfect use titanium BBQ mesh.

Titanium BBQ Mesh

woven titanium mesh for make titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ Mesh

details of titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ Mesh

round titanium BBQ mesh

Specification Titanium BBQ Mesh :

Different grills are using different BBQ mesh size. We offer different types BBQ mesh suit different environments.

Shape: round, square, rectangular.

Diameter: 230mm, 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm.

Other specifications can be OEM according to customer requirements. If you need customization, we need to know the exact BBQ mesh size. The drawing or picture with size will great.

 titanium BBQ mesh

Square titanium BBQ mesh cooking shrimps

 titanium BBQ mesh

Round Double layer Titanium BBQ mesh

 titanium BBQ mesh

Two-piece Titanium BBQ mesh using in new ovens

 titanium BBQ mesh

Titanium BBQ mesh cooking beef and corn 

Grill titanium advantages:

1 strong corrosion resistance with long life time:

Titanium and oxygen have a great chemistry with. Both in the air and in an oxygen-containing medium, a dense, highly adherent and inert oxide film is formed on the surface of the titanium. This film can protect titanium products substrate from corrosion. So, titanium material BBQ mesh has an extremely a long service life. 

2 good performance at high temperatures

 In performance at high temperatures, titanium material better than carbon steel, and copper material. So that the thickness of titanium material mesh can reduce. The titanium material itself is very light, therefore, the titanium BBQ mesh is lighter to use.

More than, Titanium maintains good function at high temperatures. And new titanium alloy can use a long time at 600 ° C or higher. Therefore, the titanium grill mesh can work continuously at high temperatures.

Titanium material BBQ mesh is perfect BBQ tools. Deze wire have titanium BBQ mesh OEM service. Under which we have a wealth experience in selection titanium material, wire drawing, mesh weaving, and welding, etc.

Deze wire can customized other titanium products according to customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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