Project Description

Life time use not broken — Titanium filter

Filter which made of titanium mesh has super strong corrosion resistance. In addition to the mechanical damage of the wear, the Titanium mesh filter is not corroded, so the filter of this material has an extremely long service life. Effectively avoid damage caused by filter damage.

Moreover, the use of the filter is lifelong, reducing the number of purchases of the filter, eliminating the labor and material cost of replacing the filter.

Multi-layer titanium filter

Multi-layer titanium filter with inclined flange

titanium filter

Variety of styles of titanium filters that can be customized

Various titanium filter baskets

Various titanium filter baskets with or without support bar

Structure and filtration accuracy

The Titanium filter can make into one or more layers according to the customer’s needs. Usually made up of woven titanium mesh filter layer and perforated titanium mesh support layer. All structures, including flanges, can make from titanium.

The smallest titanium mesh can make 320 mesh. Usually the Titanium filter is from 3 mesh-100 mesh. The filtration accuracy (Mesh Opening) is from 7.67mm-0.154mm.

Titanium filter basket

Titanium filter basket with top bars

Titanium filter

Two Titanium filter with flange

titanium filter

Custome-made tapered titanium filter

Replacement & OEM Titanium filter

Our Products can make by pure titanium TA1 according to customer needs. They can use for filtration of chemical pipelines. The shape of the filter can be designed according to the structure of the pipe.

Commonly filters with flanges. Flanges can be OEM angles based on customer requirements, such as angled flanges, to meet the needs of different pipelines for filter construction.

DEZE products specializes in filtration and separation. We can make replacement & OEM Titanium filter according to your specific requirements. It can also help design Titanium filter products that meet your product needs. If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.